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Rubbish lyrics of Spiderman song

November 13, 2019

Who remembers the theme song to the old Spiderman cartoon? ‘Is he strong? Listen bud/ He’s got radioactive blood’.

When I was young I just took those words for granted, accepting without thought the implication that having radioactive blood would be a guarantee of physical strength. Thinking about it now, decades later, I’m really not convinced at all. My mental image of a person with radioactive blood would be an enfeebled patient in a hospital bed, hooked up to various drips and tended to by nurses in protective clothing, hovering on the brink of death.

And I used to think those were good lyrics.

‘Is he strong?’

‘Listen bud, he’s got radioactive blood!’

‘Wow, he must be really strong then.’

It’s fairly obvious at this distance that  they weren’t good at all. They were rubbish. Like so many other things I used to think were good in my youth.

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  1. Mark Brafield permalink

    This reminds me of one of Clive James’s brilliant television reviews when he was in his heyday writing for The Observer. Commenting on a snooker match in which Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins was playing, James observed that ‘he has adrenaline instead of blood, and dynamite instead of adrenaline’. Unlike the Spiderman example, this is both witty and also makes sense as a metaphor for Higgins’s high-octane style at the table.

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    Ray Davies in the Kinks song The Village Green Preservation Society rhymed “vernacular” with “Dracula” which was pretty special then ruined it later in the same verse by pairing “affiliates” with “billiards”.

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