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militate and mitigate

August 24, 2019

Is everyone following the cricket? Of course you are. I was just reading a piece on the Daily Telegraph website about England’s over-reliance on Jofra Archer’s bowling, in which a physiologist named Jim Pate opined that it’s risky for Archer as it could cause injury: “there is a huge amount of stress running through the knee and ankle in the landing leg (although Archer’s smaller jump into the crease mitigates against this a little)…”

No, Dr Pate, you just mean it mitigates this; it doesn’t mitigate against it. You’re getting mixed up with a different expression – militate against.

Juts felt like pointing that out. Back to the cricket. England 65 for 2. Just stay in, Denly and Root!

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    My wife has semi-watched a lot of cricket over the years without ever getting close to understanding any of it. She’ll still ask “How much longer to go”? as the heavy roller trundles up and down and I’m pretty sure looks for actual cows at Cow Corner.
    I do wonder how many people are confused by the expression beloved of commentators – A raging Bunsen.

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