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your and you’re

July 30, 2019

The other day I received a text message from my local GP’s surgery. It said: According to our records your (sic) entitled to a free health check…

There is nothing new about confusing your and you’re, of course; but from an official source like this… well, that is unexpected. Yet I have noticed this error more and more frequently, especially in texts and emails. Is it something to do with auto-correct programmes, perhaps? Maybe when you type you- in some programmes then your comes up as the default choice. I wouldn’t be all that surprised, though I wouldn’t be able to help feeling annoyed, if in the next few years you’re fades out of use and is replaced by the shorter and simpler your.

By the way I had the free health check and I’m absolutely fine. Except that I could do with losing five kilos, apparently.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    So you didn’t get a perscription?
    Wonder if the your/you’re confusion is partly phonetic, in many accents, London is one, there isn’t any difference when spoken.

  2. I would be irritated by wrong spelling from official sources

  3. Craig permalink

    I hit 40 this year so I am expecting a letter requesting that I present myself for an MOT. I will have a good look to see if the written version has a similar mistake.

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