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go bad, get good

April 4, 2019

It occurred to me recently how many expressions there are in English where the word go followed by an adjective denotes some kind of deterioration in condition: thus, food goes bad or goes mouldy; animals can go extinct; one can go mad, go blind, go deaf, go downhill; a situation can go pear-shaped, or go from bad to worse.

On the other hand, get is associated with an improvement in condition. You can get better, get well, get rich, get happy, get drunk, get lucky. You can get good at something or get wise to something.

That’s all for today. I have to get going.

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  1. Craig permalink

    I’m going to go to town, everyone else can get lost 🙂

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    Another difference with America. There you can be advised to go f**k yourself whereas here it’d be get f**ked. Or lost. Or stuffed. Or knotted which seems to have disappeared.

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