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Gloriously understated

February 26, 2019

The other day, in Sainsbury’s, I noticed the Higgidy range of pies, tempting little meals for one in their colourful boxes, each variety with its own shoutline: thus the chicken and bacon pie is quietly cheering, the spicy chicken and coconut pie is vibrant and warming, the cauliflower cheese pie is entirely comforting, the mushroom pie is velvety and vegan and the spinach, feta and pine kernel pie is… gloriously understated.

Gloriously understated? Oh, do sod off. This is an oxymoron which might in some contexts be effective, eg to describe a writer’s use of irony, or someone wearing a very simple outfit to a red-carpet event. But to describe a pie? No pie should be understated. A pie should be big and fat and golden and greasy and crammed with rich flavours. An overstated, pie, yes, OK. Now you’ve got me interested. But an understated pie – let alone a gloriously understated one – is welcome to go and eat itself, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. mikewilliamsuk permalink

    Steady on, Dan. You’re beginning to sound a little desperate there…

  2. Mark Allan Brafield permalink

    Yes, quite right too. A friend of mine gave up a high-flying career in the law to pursue his ambition of being a furniture designer and maker, and he now makes absolutely exquisite furniture which, in his words, aims to be ‘quietly wonderful’. I think I would like everything in my life to be quietly wonderful.

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