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A Bit of a Fright

October 31, 2018

It being Hallowe’en today, I thought people might enjoy a scary poem. So here it is:


A Bit of a Fright

Got a bit of a fright the other day –

Came home from school in the usual way –

Went up to my room – and stared in surprise:

A little old lady with pale blue eyes

And a long black dress, and hair of white

Was sitting there in the fading light;

And she gave me a very strange look indeed:

A secret expression I just couldn’t read;

Not a sound did she make, not a word did she say –

But softly, silently, faded away.

Then I looked at the place where she had sat

And I saw that the bed was perfectly flat:

Not a dent, not a hollow – nothing to show

That someone had sat there a second ago:

And I stood quite still, all tingling with fright,

Alone in my room, in the fading light.

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  1. Craig permalink

    Great poem Brandon, one even I could follow. On my first read I thought it to be a poem for children, probably because the witness is a school child, but on second and third read I found the imagery it gave me to be quite melancholy. It made me feel something so thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you liked it, Craig! It was written as a children’s poem but I hope there is a touch of seriousness and, as you say, melancholy in it which would appeal to adults too.

  3. Craig permalink

    I think the tone changed (for me) about halfway through. It starts quite light until the line “Not a sound did she make”. That’s when I get feelings of something shared then lost and finally loneliness. It sounds silly but the closest I can describe it as is when you have had people to stay at your home for a few days, then they leave and everything feels flat and empty. That is the most I have ever talked about a poem so I can’t pay you a bigger compliment than that.

  4. Craig permalink

    I tracked this poem down again to see if it still gives me feels. It does!

  5. Thanks Craig. Glad it still works for you.

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