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That’s not OK

August 15, 2018

There’s a TV ad for Facebook at the moment, trying to persuade us that they are good guys. It starts off celebrating all the wonderful things that can be done on Facebook – sharing precious memories, keeping families in touch and so forth – and then it goes all serious and the voiceover says: ‘But spam, clickbait, misuse of data…. that’s not OK.’

That’s not OK… This expression seems to have become very popular in the last couple of years; and I have to say that I do not like it very much. It’s always said in the same way: a sudden descent into seriousness, with emphasis falling on the word not, accompanied by a real or metaphorical sorrowful shake of the head. It’s delivered with a sanctimonious certainty that the speaker is some kind of moral arbiter, knowing to a jot exactly what counts as OK and what doesn’t; if the speaker was a superhero, you think, they’d be Morality Man.

Of course I do agree that misuse of data is ‘not OK’. But the expression is so annoying it makes me want to go off and misuse some data right away.

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  1. Spiritman permalink

    All part of the ever-increasing US influence that’s dumbing down our society.

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    Why does everyone want to speak like a stoned surfer? So he was like, sorta, you know, rad! But I was all, that’s like, kinda, not OK, dude. It’s like, kinda, Nokay, you know?

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