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Double solution

May 25, 2018

Yesterday I was doing the crossword in The Times and I came upon that rare thing, a cryptic clue which had a double solution: two completely different solutions, both equally valid. Here is the clue: Long sweet film (8,4).

If you would like to look away and have a try at solving it, go ahead. Otherwise, the answer – answers, I mean, are below.

The official answer, which I finally got, was ‘Brighton Rock’. Get it? A stick of Brighton rock is a long sweet; it is also the title of a film. OK, that’s fine. But before I tumbled to this, I had arrived at a different solution, which I didn’t put in because it clashed with other clues which I’d already filled in. But it seems to me just as good as the setter’s solution. My alternative answer was ‘Enduring Love’. Because enduring is a synonym for long; and sweet (as a term of endearment) is a synonym for love; and ‘Enduring Love’ is the title of a film. And the whole thing is eight letters and four letters, just like the correct solution.

That’s a strange coincidence, isn’t it? I like things like that.

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