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April 12, 2018

The Royal Bank of Scotland digital banking website has just asked me to take part in a customer satisfaction survey, telling me that they would be ‘very greatful (sic)’ if I would take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Well, I tell you what, RBS, here’s the deal: you take a few minutes proofreading your messages and I might consider taking a few minutes to do your survey.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Even more worryingly it may have been proof read.
    Tommy Cooper: I was asked to fill in a questionnaire so I went outside and punched the doorman.

  2. Mark Brafield permalink

    There is an interesting discussion to be had here about spelling mistakes. At work, I had the reputation of being something of a spelling and grammar fascist, and it was a standing joke that I actually kept a dictionary in my office and would look up words I did not know. It is tempting for those of our generation to be critical of the poor grammar and text – speak of today’s teenagers, but there is a counter-argument that young people today actually take much more notice of good spelling and grammar because so much personal communication is now written (albeit in the form of texts or other digital writing) rather than spoken as in our day.

    In another area of my life, I have recently had cause to develop a website, and I decided to do this myself, which was not difficult and a lot of fun. Other members of my student group did not feel able to make their own websites and employed fancy web – designers to make their sites, normally for about £500 each. In each case, there remain significant and obvious spelling mistakes which still have not been corrected even though I have tactfully pointed these out. What I can say is that if I were looking to consult a professional and noticed even one spelling mistake on their website, I simply would not consider instructing them. Am I being unreasonable here ?

  3. Simon Carter permalink

    That would seem rather like employing an overweight fitness instructor or bankrupt financial adviser.
    There is a well known story about van Halen insisting in their rider that they be provided with a large number of M & Ms with all the brown ones taken out – the point being it was an easy way to check the attention to detail being shown by the promoter. Spelling mistakes in a website don’t inspire confidence in the accuracy of the rest of the content.

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