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Uneven Bars

April 8, 2018

I’m watching the gymnastics in the Commonwealth Games on telly, and I note that the event which used to be called the Asymmetric Bars is now called the Uneven Bars.

Why? That’s all, just why? Asymmetric Bars always struck me as an interesting, exciting and rather impressive name for this event. It certainly increased my vocabulary back in the 70s when I was watching gymnasts like Nadia Comaneci twirling around on those bars. Uneven Bars doesn’t sound as cool. It fact it sounds as if the bars are wonky, put together by some incompetent handyman.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Asymmetric does sound more pleasing. As there is no real antonym for parallel maybe they should have just been called even and uneven bars to start with.
    Not related but I just read why football is played on a “pitch”. It comes from cricket in which the stumps were said to be pitched in the same way as a tent. Except in America but soccer field sounds better than football field.

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