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hooking up

December 12, 2017

Rosalind, my middle child, started university this year (at my old college, as it happens); and an old friend of mine, Sarah, whose son goes to the same university but in the year above, remarked to me that it would be nice if the two of them were to meet up there.

Well, of course it would. So I passed this on to Ros, saying, ‘Sarah says it would be good if you and her son were to hook up.’

I couldn’t see anything exceptionable in that, but Ros stared at me in incredulous disgust. ‘She said that?’

‘What’s wrong? I think it would be a good idea too.’

‘I can’t believe I’m hearing this.’

Explanations ensued, of course. In my day the phrase hook up just meant to meet up with somebody. But nowadays it means to have sex with them.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Rather an awkward moment! Slightly related: flirting originally meant making a jerky movement or flicking something away. Supply own punchline.

    • Thanks Simon. I didn’t know this but it seems to make sense. I imagine a woman flicking her hair around in order to look beguiling. I bet that’s where it came from.

  2. Brandon as your ex student at College, I’m sorry but I have to agree with your daughter on this one. The cool points are out the window on this one dad. Lol

    • Nice to hear from you, Redgoldenchild. It’s always good to hear from an alumnus. What college was this, and what course? I’ve taught in so many places over the years…

      • Westminster Kingsway Colleg (during the refurbishment when they moved to Highbury Corner) I think it was 2005 I still have my grade sheets. Subject: Communications. Ended up doing my degree in this too.

  3. Mark Brafield permalink

    My choir used to rehearse in the Lutheran church on Gresham Street in the City. Many of the congregation were German, and the verger of the church, whose name and photograph were displayed on the noticeboard, was called, rather unfortunately, ‘Mr Wank’ (pronounced ‘Vank’). A friend of mine fell about laughing as she pointed this out to her mother at a concert (a conversation I could never have had with my own mother, incidentally), only to be rather non-plussed when it turned out that her mother had never heard the word before, so my blushing friend had to explain the joke laboriously, wishing, no doubt, she had never started.

  4. Simon Carter permalink

    An episode of The Chase included a question on Portnoy’s Complaint. All concerned denied any knowledge of the subject matter which was probably just as well on a tea time programme.

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