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Two new expressions

December 4, 2017

I like to keep up to date with slang (well, sort of up to date) by taking note of the expressions my son Fred (aged 13) brings home from school. One of the latest is calm, meaning fine, cool, OK, no worries. So for instance I might say “Did you get in trouble for forgetting to take your homework in?” and he’ll reply, “No, it’s calm.” I like that one.

Another is flex. This means to boast or, as we used to say, to swank. I asked Fred for an example of its use and he said: “If you put up a picture on Snapchat of yourself sitting in a new BMW which your dad had leased for the day, that would be flexing.” I like this one too, with its suggestion of flexing imaginary muscles.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Flex is also used to mean pretend or put on a false front but it appears in several rap songs where the meaning changes according to context.

  2. Jams O'Donnell permalink

    Have you noticed “boom!” when nailing or acing an answer? Been around at my school for the last year or so and have heard it on telly, too. No idea of its provenance.

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