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These Are a Few of my Scariest Things

October 31, 2017

Today is Hallowe’en, and with exquisite timing my new book of ghosty poems for children, These Are a Few of my Scariest Things, is published today. You can order it at your local bookshop or on Amazon. Amazon don’t have an image up for it yet so I supply one here. I’ll also treat you all to a sample poem.



The Castle Ghost

At night, in the castle courtyard,

you can see Sir Walter Pugh,

whose head was removed from his body

in fifteen forty-two,

for writing a scurrilous poem

that ridiculed the King;

so the King had him charged with treason

and the axeman did his thing.

And every night he wanders

in his doublet and bloodstained ruff

with his head held under his armpit;

and if you’re brave enough

you can go up close and listen

and hear him softly mutter

the poem that stated that Henry the Eighth

was a psychopathic nutter.

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