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Word of the Day

October 23, 2017

Today’s Word of the Day is philosophaster, and I owe my acquaintance with it to Nigel Warburton. It means a person who has only a superficial knowledge of philosophy or who feigns a knowledge he or she does not possess. Hmm… I feel the strange sensation of a cap fitting neatly over my head…

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    I think you’re selling yourself short but perhaps dilettante is a nicer way of putting it?

  2. Maybe I’m both!

  3. Simon Carter permalink

    Had you down as more of a flaneur!

  4. George Wilson permalink

    Just saw the 1930s on the television, another fantastic program. The house style especially have really inspired me in my A Level Art at Sixth Form! I hope the 1940s in just as good!
    Plus… The little George Formby melody was amusing!
    All the Best.

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