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An amusing spelling error

May 21, 2017

Yesterday I was in Milton Keynes for an Open University co-ordination meeting. This summer I’m marking the Creative Writing End of Course Assessment; and all of us markers had to meet up, mark some sample scripts and come to agreement over the grades, to prepare us for marking the real thing. Anyway, one of the scripts contained possibly the best spelling mistake I have ever seen.

It was in a story about a woman going on a date with a man she had met on the internet. She got all dressed up in her best frock, make-up and high heels and went to meet him in a cocktail bar. There he was, tall, dark, handsome and elegantly dressed – and as he leaned forward to greet her “she caught a whiff of his fragrant colon”.

P.S. May I bring to your attention my comic fantasy YA novel The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers – here is the link: . Go there and you will see a neat little 2-minute video of me explaining why the time for this novel has come! And if you support it you will get your name in the back and an invitation to the launch party.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Is it possible that autocorrect has a sense of humour and these sorts of “errors” are all intentional? More likely that spellchecker is the most trusted tool ever – nothing highlighted = nothing wrong.

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