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Thoughts on tennis balls

May 8, 2017

I’ve just finished reading Jonathan Franzen’s excellent novel Purity and there was a short passage near the end which I enjoyed so much I have to share it. It concerns the feelings of Pip Tyler, the protagonist, for tennis balls:

Could a more perfect manufactured object than a tennis ball be imagined? Fuzzy and spherical, squeezable and bouncy, its stitching a pair of matching tongues, its voice on impact a pock in the most pleasing of registers. Dogs knew a good thing, dogs loved tennis balls, and so did she.”

This perfectly sums up my own feelings about tennis balls (and dogs), but I would never have thought of putting them into words, nor done it so elegantly if I had.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    I remember as a child playing football with old tennis balls which were black with white markings. Do tennis balls still go bald?

    • When I was young tennis balls were always white. Yellow ones still seem like an innovation to me. (Incidentally eggs were white too, and footballs were brown; whereas now footballs are white and eggs are brown…) Anyway I think the yellow ones must still go bald, mustn’t they? When they get old.

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    It’s also a mystery why the number of tennis balls outnumbered the number of players by such a factor. Most kids seemed to own them without knowing where they’d come from; certainly not from playing tennis.
    Perhaps they’re like paper clips in that no one ever remembered buying them.

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