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April 26, 2017

I overheard two people having a conversation in a pub today; and the woman said something along the lines of ‘Are you going to Jake’s tonight?’ and the man replied ‘A hundred per cent.’

This curious way of saying ‘Yes’ appears to be gaining ground. I don’t like it much. I suppose it adds some enthusiasm to the affirmative, but it always sounds over-the-top and slightly insincere to me. Why has it caught on? I don’t know, but I’m speculating it’s from programmes like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, where the judges say ‘A hundred per cent yes!’ to acts they like. (They never say ‘A hundred per cent no’ to the acts they don’t like – why is that?)

Anyway, it sounds enthusiastic but it doesn’t necessarily indicate real commitment. It’s not at all uncommon for the judges to mercilessly pan and send home the acts they’ve previously hundred-per-cented when it comes to the next round; and by the same token I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned that that bloke never turned up at Jake’s.

P.S. May I bring to your attention my comic fantasy YA novel The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers – here is the link: . Go there and you will see a neat little 2-minute video of me explaining why the time for this novel has come! And if you support it you will get your name in the back and an invitation to the launch party.

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  1. Mark Brafield permalink

    And what always used to annoy me even more was an advertisement on the Tube for a men’s sporty vitamin supplement that said it would deliver ‘105 percent’. I suppose what it meant was that it delivered slightly more than your daily requirement of Vitamin B, or whatever it happened to be. Put like that it sounds rather dull, but clearly the impression they wanted to give was that if you took their supplement, you would perform even more than your absolute best could possibly be, and by extension, far better than the poor loser next to you who forgot to take their tablets.

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    It’s odd because no one has ever referred 9/8ths of anything.
    In terms of agreement / encouragement the highest I’ve heard demanded was an enthusiastic 1000% which prompted the question that if I doubled my output could I settle for 500%? The question was answered with a baffled frown.

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