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A Sign of Spring

April 9, 2017

I noticed this morning that the butter was soft and spreadable – one of my favourite signs of spring – and I remembered a poem I wrote on this theme some years ago. Not strictly to do with the English language, I suppose; still, it’s in English.  Here it is:


The creamy yellow pat obediently

flattens beneath the pressure of the blade

and smoothly coats the surface of the bread.

Not quite frictionless, but the level

of resistance is subtle and pleasurable.

It doesn’t tear the bread violently

to shreds, as if it had an ancestral grudge,

as if the bread’s insulted its mother or sister,

as in the unforgiving winter months.

Nor is it a gleaming, glistening, glutinous mess

as in the oily days of summer, melting

like an iceberg drifting towards the Tropics.

Mollified, not melted, for this brief time

it’s in its precious and precarious prime.



P.S. May I bring to your attention my comic fantasy YA novel The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers – here is the link: . Go there and you will see a neat little 2-minute video of me explaining why the time for this novel has come! And if you support it you will get your name in the back and an invitation to the launch party.


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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Brandon, your poem has brought back other half forgotten food challenges like how to best use the blue salt twist in a bag of plain crisps or how to eat a block of ice cream sandwiched between two wafers (which always defeated me).

  2. Yes – no wonder those wafer-ice-cream sandwiches went out of fashion!

  3. Simon Carter permalink

    Also I may have led a sheltered life but am confused as to why your earlier post on venereal disease is considered related?

  4. I am confused by this too.

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