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The Oxford comma

March 17, 2017

I see that the Oxford comma, also called the serial comma, has been in the news. (I must thank Karen Brown for alerting me to this story.) A group of delivery drivers in Maine, USA, won a tribunal to claim for more overtime pay from the dairy company they worked for; and this was because their written list of duties ended with ‘freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of [various goods]”. But is distribution a separate activity from packing for shipment? An Oxford comma – “packing for shipment, or distribution” – would have made this clear. The point is that the drivers did distribute but didn’t pack. The court ruled that the rules were ambiguous for want of a comma, and could be interpreted in the drivers’ favour; and so they got their overtime.

Well, that’s very good news. I like this story. I like the way it demonstrates the importance of accurate punctuation; and I like the fact that the Oxford comma is the hero of the story. I’m aware that some people don’t like the Oxford comma, but I have never understood why. I think it may be just that they’ve got a rule lodged in their brains from their schooldays – Never use a comma before ‘and’ – and feel superstitious about breaking it.

Personally I use the Oxford comma whenever I feel it aids clarity, and always feel quite smug about it afterwards. As chance would have it I needed to use it just the other day. I was sending an email to a group of Open University students to whom I teach a one-year course which is an introduction to all the arts disciplines, and I was informing them of courses they could progress to next year: “There are single-discipline, second-level courses available in literature, history, art history, music, classics, philosophy, and religious studies”. I had to use an Oxford comma there, or they have might assumed that “philosophy and religious studies” was one subject.

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