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Oh Calcutta!

October 2, 2016

I wonder how many people remember Ken Tynan’s nude revue, Oh Calcutta! It was a series of sketches, songs and dances in which the performers either took all their clothes off or didn’t have any on to start with. It opened in 1970 and ran for quite a few years. I actually went to see it when I was 18, and found it a stirring experience. It seemed extremely daring at the time, though I suppose it would seem tame today. Anyway, my question is, who knows why it was called Oh Calcutta! ?

Answer: the title is a translingual pun on the French sentence “O, quel cul tu as!”, meaning, “Oh, what an arse you have!”

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Remember it being quite a controversial show at the time! One of the sketches included (think it was called Four in Hand) was written by John Lennon.

  2. Wow. I totally did not know that.

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