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If that makes sense

September 28, 2016

Has anyone else noticed the growing prevalence of the tag “If that makes sense”? I’m hearing it more and more often, attached to the end of sentences where the speaker has said something perhaps mildly complicated or paradoxical, but not really difficult to understand: eg someone might say “I love my work, but I also hate it, if that makes sense”; or “He seems shallow, but that’s only on the surface, if that makes sense”. I suppose it’s just a version of “if you see what I mean” but it seems to me slightly needier, more requiring of endorsement. I don’t mind it particularly; in fact my own children are serial users of it. It’s just curious how a new expression like this pops up and, without having anything very obvious to recommend it is suddenly ubiquitous. If that makes sense.

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    Another is the habit, particularly among sports people, of answering every question “yeah, no…”

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