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space ghetto

July 11, 2016

Here is a very nice little accent-joke, told to me by my daughter Ros (17). Say the phrase ‘space ghetto’ in an American accent.


Now, didn’t that sound just like saying ‘Spice Girl’ in a Scottish accent?

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  1. Reblogged this on Justine Houyaux and commented:
    I laughed more than I should have.

  2. Which American accent? Mid-Atlantic? Southern? Mid-Western? South Western?
    Not to mention all the local differences in just one state: Manhattan Brahmin? Lower East Side? Brooklyn? Bronx? Queens? Raaaahchestur? OhneeeAAAAnta? Suracuse?

    It would sound different each time.

    You’re as bad as my fellow ‘Muricans who think that all English types either speak ‘received’ or ‘cockney’ and think a Lancastrian or Scouse or (let’s go way down south) Cornish accent sounds Irish …

    Oy vey is mir!

    • You are right, of course – mea culpa. And indeed Scots might well object that a Highlands accent is very different from a Glaswegian accent, which is different again from snooty Edinburgh. I over-simplified to get the joke across swiftly (and of course to conceal my ignorance of accents). It would be interesting to learn, from an expert on accent, with which Scottish accent and which American accent the joke works best!

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