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Maggie May

June 13, 2016

This morning I heard Rod Stewart’s song “Maggie May” on the radio. Now I do like that song a lot, but I’ve always been slightly troubled by the lines which go: “All you did was wreck my bed/ And in the morning kick me in the head”. They just don’t seem quite right. The song is about a teenager’s affair with an older woman, and one line says “you led me away from home”, so it ought to be her bed, not his, that is being wrecked. And “in the morning kick me in the head”? That violent image seems way over the top, out of key with the rest of the song. But I have a theory to explain these anomalies.

I think that when the song was originally written (by Rod Stewart and guitarist Martin Quittenton) the lyrics went like this: “All you did was wreck my head/ And in the morning kick me out of bed”. See? Suddenly it all makes sense. I’m guessing that Stewart sang the lines the wrong way round in a rehearsal, and everyone in the studio thought the mistake was funny and should stay, so that is how the song ended up being recorded.

Anyway I prefer my version, whether it is the original or not; and if Rod Stewart should chance to read this, perhaps he’d consider singing it that way in future?

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  1. Simon Carter permalink

    In You’re in my Heart he also sings “You’re Celtic, United, but baby I’ve decided you’re the best team I’ve ever seen”, it’s a shame he couldn’t sing the punctuation; it would have saved a lot of people wondering who exactly Celtic United are.

  2. My favourite is ” the coldest winter for almost 14 years’, in Mandolin Wind. As winter happens precisely once a year, ‘almost 14’ must be an integer, close to 14 – 13 perhaps.
    It’s similar to saying ‘I have almost 11 fingers’.

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