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I’ve waited 40 years for this word

May 12, 2016

Sometimes you’re aware of a gap in the language, a concept which lacks a word to represent it. And then one day a word comes along to fill the gap. This has just happened to me. And I had to wait a long time for it. When I was at secondary school, I was always conscious that there wasn’t a word for the recreational area where we played football or just generally mooched around at breaktime. You couldn’t call it the playground. That sounded too childish. Playgrounds were for primary schools.

Anyway now a word has finally come along: muga. My son said it this morning: “I want to leave early so I can play football in the muga, before the bell goes.”

ME: In the what?

FRED: The muga, don’t you even know what that is?

ME: The amooga?

FRED: Muga! It’s a sort of place, with walls round it, where you can play football and stuff.

Then my daughter Ros(16) joined in and revealed that she knows about mugas too. It’s an acronym but she couldn’t remember what for. So we googled it and found it stands for Multi-Use-Games Area.

I like that word. I wish we’d had it when I was at school.

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  1. Mark Brafield permalink

    It’s a good word and I will try to find the moment to use it myself. But more than 20 years ago I remember being in a civil service building and beside the toilets, the meeting rooms and offices there was a small, empty room, simply labelled ‘multi purpose room’. I found this quite unnerving; so many possible uses sprang to mind that I could not actually think of a correct use to begin with. I was haunted by the fear that whatever purpose I used the room for might be the wrong one.

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