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Big Bang Theory Theme song

March 31, 2016

Who watches The Big Bang Theory? Most of us, I bet. It’s always on when there’s nothing else on in the early to mid evening, and we know and like the characters, and it’s funny, and it’s one of the few programmes that’s both clever and undemanding at the same time. BUT: I do have a gripe or two about that theme song. I don’t like that theme song. That theme song is not good.

It starts, you may recall: “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state/ Then nearly fourteen million years ago expansion started – wait!”

Fourteen million years ago? Oh no, oh no no no no. That should be fourteen billion years ago. A thousand times as long. The interesting thing is that if you put the sub-titles on it does actually say “fourteen billion”; but that is not what we hear. And since one of the main jokes of the show is pedantry about scientific details then they’ve really got to get that right. Re-record the song and get it in line with the sub-titles!

Here’s another gripe. “Expansion started – wait!” That really is a feeble line. The “wait” is so obviously there because it rhymes and for no other reason. Talk about rhyme-driven. And when sung it simply doesn’t sound right, natural or inevitable, as good song lyrics should. How about this as an alternative: “Our whole universe was in a hot dense state/ Then nearly fourteen billion years ago it started to inflate”. Surely that’s better?

You know it is.

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