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A bit nesh

March 25, 2016

Today I went for a walk in Epping Forest with my dog and children, and my daughter started complaining about the cold, although it was actually quite warm and sunny. To my own surprise I found myself saying: “You’re a bit nesh, aren’t you?”

Nesh. It’s a northern word; I get it from the Yorkshire side of my family. It means soft, weak, frail, unable to endure hardship. I often used to have it said to me when I was a kid and went to stay with my cousins up in Yorkshire: as a soft southerner I was accused of being nesh every time I complained about getting my feet wet or being tired or getting stung by nettles or, especially, feeling cold. I wonder if it’s still widely used in the north? Anyway I bet I was the only person who uttered it in Epping Forest today.

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  1. Mark permalink

    Easy Rob I don’t personally know you or have ever had the pleasure of hearing about you but your profile has come up in people I may know on Facebook for some reason. As you do we often read articles written by others out of pure noseyness.
    I’m a Yorkshire lad born n bred mi old luv n can confirm that the word ‘nesh’ is a Yorkshire word. It’s origins are both South and West Yorkshire and having lived in West Yorkshire but originating from South Yorkshire am use to frequent use of it. It means nothing other than the thee’s a soft arse n dunt know what cold is. I hope that clarifies it for you. Be reet n tek care luv,Mark. . .

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