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A new way to end phone calls

January 4, 2016

Has anyone else noticed a newish way of ending phone calls, which is to say “Bye…bye…” – the first “bye” spoken quite strongly, the second “bye” with a soft, reassuring note, like a friendly lingering echo? My wife does it and my mother-in-law does it and my sister does it and, in short, lots of women do it. I haven’t heard any men say it yet. It seems to be very much a feminine form of farewell. But perhaps the trend will spread across the gender divide and we’ll all end up doing it. Any comments or explanation welcome.

Bye… bye…

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One Comment
  1. Duncan permalink

    I do that sometimes. Maybe when I want to end the conversation and the person at the other end hangs on inconclusively. On the other hand, I have a female relative who says ‘bye’ once and hangs up before there is time for me to reply.

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