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A poem for National Poetry Day

October 8, 2015

As it is National Poetry Day I thought readers might appreciate a poem of mine. It’s in the form of a riddle: kudos will be earned by the first person to solve it.



We don’t speak, for we are dumb, and blind,

and we are deaf, but oh! how we can feel.

We huddle, twins in the darkness. Prisoners.

Babes in the wood, boys in the hood. Couched,

pouched, silently sending secret signals.

We’re a pair of hermits, yet not without influence.

Powerless, potent, we’re the kings in chess,

invaluable, vulnerable. Symbols

of strength, tender and fragile as eyeballs.

Dreaming our deaf-blind dreams, we never sleep.

We tingle with life. But shrink from danger.

We’re stoical. Patient. Yet we’re all nerves.

We dwell on the borders of bliss, a razor’s-breadth from agony.

We’re your parents. Your children. Respect us. Pity us.



Brandon Robshaw


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  1. Auke permalink


  2. How about “he/she passed” for “died”? If I hear this pathetic euphemism again I will go nuts!

    • How nice to hear from you after all these years, Lisa! I remember you well. I agree about the euphemism “passed” or “passed away”. It’s ridiculous. Perhaps I will do a post on annoying euphemisms…

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