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The BBC’s poor spelling

September 11, 2015

I’m watching BBC Breakfast right now, and they’ve just done an item about Syrian refugees arriving in Kent, and a statistics-box with the word Accomodation (sic) appeared in the middle of the screen. Only one m! Don’t they have a spell-check programme? Come on, BBC. You can do better than that. Spell words right! It’s not much to ask.

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  1. Debbie Smith permalink

    I agree with you Brandon, the BBC should know better!

  2. Debbie Smith permalink

    I was disgusted today when looking at properties online to see a lovely looking house that is apparently in a “sort after location!” When I was younger and had a secretarial job in the Fire Service, everything put in print had to be thoroughly checked before being sent – obviously nothing is checked these days!

  3. You’re right. It’s very annoying, and it should be so much easier to avoid these days, now that everyone writes on computers and all computers have spellchecks.

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