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Mondegreens revisited

August 31, 2015

I thought I’d return to the topic of mondegreens, as it is a long time since I first posted about it and a number of readers have expressed interest and offered examples. For instance, Mark Brafield (see Comments) always used to think that in the cod-operatic theme music for televised football matches in the European Championship, where it comes to a climax and they sing “The Champions!” they were actually singing “Lasagne!” And so did I. It seemed to make a sort of sense: lasagne is an Italian dish, and there were always Italian teams in the competition. I know that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, but I never troubled to scrutinise it.

Other old favourites: the Neil Diamond song, “Forever in Blue Jeans” – we all thought that was “Reverend Blue Jeans” when we first heard it, didn’t we? We thought it was about a trendy vicar who was down with the kids.

And then there’s the classic Bob Dylan mondegreen: “The ants are my friends, they’re blowing in the wind.”

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