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Mondegreen corner again

August 26, 2015

I’ve just heard a very good mondegreen on BBC6 Music: the DJ Mark Riley used to think the Velvet Underground song ”Venus in Furs” was called “Venus Infers”.

By the way, just in case any readers didn’t know the origin of the term mondegreen, it was coined by the writer Sylvia Wright, who as a child mis-heard the words to an old Scottish ballad: the words actually say “Thou hast slain the Earl of Murray/ And laid him on the green”, but she heard “Thou hast slain the Earl of Murray/ And Lady Mondegreen”.Since then  mondegreen is used for any creative mishearing of a song or poem. (I owe this information to the website, by the way.) (Sorry if you knew that; always annoying to be told things you already know.)

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  1. Mark Brafield permalink

    Apologies if I have also posted this before, but when watching the Champions’ League in the nineties when it was always won by an Italian team, normally Juventus in their pomp, I was convinced that the heroic choir singing the signature tune were singing not ‘The Champions’ but ‘lasagne’. I defy you not to listen to the music now and not hear that instead. In case it justifies this duplicated response, for a time I thought they had changed the choir and they now sang ‘The Champions’ more clearly, but just the other night (Manchester United thrashing Brugge) it suddenly seemed that ‘lasagne’ had made a reappearance, and my teenage son agreed with me.

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