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Foot butter

August 13, 2015

In my bathroom there has recently appeared a bottle of something called “Foot Butter’. I don’t know if it’s my wife’s or whether it belongs to one of my daughters. Perhaps they all share it. Foot butter. Sounds like pretty odd stuff, doesn’t it? I’d like to know when it was decided, and why, and by whom, that butter should become a synonym for lotion. I’d always thought body butter sounded bad enough, but foot butter… No, really. Don’t like the sound of that.

Foot butter, the perfect complement to toe-jam.

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  1. Debbie Smith permalink

    I don’t know when such body products had their names changed either but as someone who has a healthy stock of aforementioned items, all I know is they are (mostly!) lovely to use! I think the texture resembles soft butter actually, whereas I think of lotions as being liquid! Anyway, it’s interesting to ponder on such name changes which suddenly appear in our lives!

  2. What would people from the 1950s said about that ai 🙂

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