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easy peelers

July 6, 2015

Go into the fruit and veg section of any supermarket, and you will see countless net bags of orange-coloured citrus fruits labelled easy peelers. It seems to be a fairly recent development: I don’t remember seeing these so-called easy peelers until maybe three or four years ago, but now they are ubiquitous. Their name annoys me for two reasons. First, I just don’t believe it’s a proper name for a fruit. It’s a description, not a name. I cannot imagine any market gardener breeding this new strain of fruit and saying: “Hooray, I’ve got a new fruit here. I know – let’s call them… easy peelers!” But though I’ve searched the labels on the bag to see if there is a real name hidden away somewhere in small print, there isn’t. Amazingly, it appears that they really are called easy peelers.

The second reason the term annoys me is that it is not even accurate as a description. Easy peelers are not easy to peel. They are hard to peel. The skin is thin and sticks closely to the fruit inside. Peeling them is a matter of pulling the peel off bit by bit and getting juice all over your fingers. How dare they call them easy peelers? Easy peelers, forsooth! Easy peelers my arse.

Compare the easy peeler to the satsuma. Satsumas genuinely are easy to peel. And they have a proper name. Let’s all buy satsumas and boycott those so-called “easy peelers”.

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One Comment
  1. alexburrett permalink

    Shouldn’t they be ‘easy-to-peelers’ since they are passive objects?

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