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barbecue or barbeque?

May 28, 2015

Today I did a barbecue for, I think, the first time this year. A barbecue, please note, not a barbeque. The mis-spelling (which in my head I always pronounce as barbeck, by analogy with cheque and discotheque) seems close to ousting the original spelling now. The departure from the original spelling came about like this; people started to abbreviate the word barbecue as BBQ, and indeed why not? But then when people wrote it out in full, influenced by the abbreviation they thought it must have a q in it, so in it went, displacing the c. It’s probably too late to resist this change, but I shall carry on resisting it for a little longer.

It was a delicious barbecue, by the way. Everyone said so. 

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  1. Susansmith permalink

    I’ve never been interested in words before but your blog has changed this. Back in time for dinner introduced us and now I look forward to considering points you have raised. Thank you for writing so clearly.

  2. Why, thank you Susan!

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