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November 26, 2014

I see that Rio Ferdinand has been in the news for tweeting (and by the way, isn’t it strange that tweets have become news stories in themselves?) that someone or other was a sket. I didn’t know this word, so looked it up on Urban Dictionary and found two definitions: “a young girl, late teens or twenties, who sleeps around willingly and without worry”; and “a sket is someone that lets you lick there bumhole basically a hoe, bitch and lets everyone touch ’em all around”.

Er, right. Got it.

What’s so depressing is how old-fashioned, conservative, reactionary, downright knuckle-dragging the sentiment is – as though we still lived in some sort of primitive honour culture where a woman’s virtue had to be preserved until her family married her off. That in the 21st century it should still be regarded as an insult to a woman that, like a man, she enjoys having sex with partners of her own choice is, frankly, stupid. Anyone who would describe a woman as a “sket” does not deserve to sleep with one.

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