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Blah blah fishcakes

September 30, 2014

Watching Newsnight just now, I heard Boris Johnson use the curious phrase ‘blah blah fishcakes’ to mean, in a somewhat flippant way, et cetera. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this expression. A friend of mine called Henry used to use it, back in the 80s. As it happens, he had been to Eton, just like Boris. Is it a piece of Eton slang?

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  1. Hello! I heard a (posh) character say ‘Blah blah fishcakes’ on an episode of Marple the other day and it’s been in my brain ever since. Googled to try to find out the etymology and your blog was high up in the search results. The mystery deepens.

  2. Helen Snook permalink

    I’m an army brat – my parents were stationed in Germany, BAOR
    In 1969 “blah blah fishcakes” was considered the coolest and cheekiest thing to say to the school bus driver when he collected us for infant school! I have no idea where we heard it from!

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