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Venereal disease

September 8, 2014

For reasons I’ll go into in another post, my family and I have been recording daily video diaries over the summer. The other night my middle child (15) announced it was time to go and do ‘the VD’. I laughed, but she didn’t laugh back, and I asked if she knew any other meaning of those initials. She didn’t. She’s learned about sexually transmitted diseases in PSHE at school, but they are called STDs now. (Back when I was at school, PSHE was called Sex Education; and condoms were called sheaths).

It’s a slight pity that VD isn’t used any more. Venereal disease. The disease of Venus. It’s more poetic than STD. Still, at least the change means Val Doonican can sign his initials without feeling embarrassed. 

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  1. Mark Brafield permalink

    In a similar vein (sort of), during a recent departmental meeting we were discussing a particularly awkward and complicated legal form known in the trade as ‘Precedent H’. In a slip of the tongue, one of the team referred to the form as Preparation H which is, of course, a well – known ointment for the treatment of haemorrhoids. And at home there has been much teasing of my young son as he has, at aged 13, just started sex education at school. As a good father, I decided that we should prepare him for this by staring one another in the face and trying to say ‘gonads’ and ‘scrotum’ without laughing. Both of us failed miserably.

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