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I’m good

January 12, 2014

I was driving along listening to the radio today – Johnny Walker’s Sounds of the 70s – and he was interviewing Cliff Richard, and began by saying, ‘How are you?’ and Cliff replied, ‘I’m good.’

I’m good. Are we all saying that these days? I’m fairly sure that when this parlance came in – a couple of decades ago, I’d guess – it was a joke. Instead of the correct, conventional ‘I’m well’ as a response to ‘How are you?’, ‘I’m good’ made it sound as if you were answering a question about your merits rather than your physical well-being: a humorous form of boasting. And when I said it – as I used to – that’s what I thought it was, a joke. But now it isn’t a joke any more, and seems to to have become the norm. Even 73-year-olds like Cliff use it. I don’t like it. Stop. 

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  1. Phyllis Ramage permalink

    I’m with you all the way Brandon. Might I suggest that you also consider castigating ‘I was sat’ and ‘there’s’ instead of ‘there are’ which has not only crept into everyday parlance, but also broadsheet newspapers (j’accuse The Guardian and Daily Telegraph). Both of these abuses make my head spin, and not in a good way, in an Exorcist way.

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