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toothcombs and toothbrushes

September 27, 2013

 In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph (not my usual choice of paper, but I wanted to buy some water and WH Smiths were doing a deal where if you bought a Telegraph you got a free 750ml bottle of Buxton) there was a piece by James Delingpole, riding his usual hobbyhorse about manmade global warming being “nonsense”, in which he stated that sceptical enquirers would be going through the latest IPCC report with “a fine toothcomb”. With a what? A toothcomb, and a very fine one. But what is a toothcomb? Is it like a toothbrush, but with fewer bristles?

Well, OK, of course he meant a fine-toothed comb, ie a comb with fine teeth. But if he can’t even get that right…

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