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Rhymes for ‘orange’

July 11, 2013

A tiresomely common factoid is that there is no rhyme for the word orange in the English language. This is always presented as if it’s some kind of quirky anomaly – ‘No rhyme for such an everyday word! Fancy that!’ But there really is nothing startling about this – it’s not unusual for a two-syllable word where the stress falls on the first syllable to be without a full rhyme in English. It may even be the rule rather than the exception. For instance, there is no rhyme for lemon. Or sausage. Or children. Or silver. Or bishop. Or anxious. Or toenail. Or olive. Or purple. Or cabbage. Or rubbish. Or algae. Or burger (burgher is a homophone, not a rhyme). There isn’t even a rhyme for the very common word common.

Moreover it is not incontestable that there is no rhyme for orange. The surname Dorringe is a full rhyme. And there are words which rhyme on the final syllable – scavenge, challenge, and door-hinge; while lozenge is not only a full rhyme on the last syllable, but is assonant on the first, which would be close enough to sound like a pretty good rhyme in a poem. Maybe I’ll write that poem…  

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