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My vocabulary increases

February 14, 2013

I’m always on the lookout for new words to add to my vocabulary and today I came across a good one in a short story by William Boyd: lordotic, as in ‘her lordotic posture’. I looked it up and found it means a particular kind of curvature of the spine – curving inwards just above the buttocks. What’s more I learned two more words at the same time: kyphotic is when the spine curves outwards, and scoliotic is when it curves sideways (you’ve got a problem if it does that). And if it doesn’t curve at all you are said to have a flat back.


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  1. Of course scoliosis has been in the news plenty recently, especially in Leicester Council Car Parks. but Richard 3rd is not the only famous scoliotic

  2. and if you have excess weight on your back it is a ‘fat back’

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