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However again

January 19, 2013

The blurb on the back of a book by Roger Scruton which I am reviewing states: ‘The environment has long been the territory of the political Left, however in Green Philosophy Scruton argues that conservatism is far better suited to tackle environmental problems…’

I’ve blogged about this misuse of however before (see post for 23/11/2011). However is not a conjunction. It is an adverb. However should be replaced by but here. Either that or the comma should be replaced by a full stop or semi-colon.

I’m quite sure that this error has nothing to do with Roger Scruton, who is an elegant writer. It must be the shameful handiwork of an editor at Atlantic books. I bet Scruton winces every time he sees it.

Incidentally my review of Scruton’s book appears in the Independent on Sunday tomorrow (20/01/13). 

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