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cool beans

November 4, 2012

Cool beans is an expression my thirteen-year-old daughter has adopted. She says it when she’s pleased about something. ‘Cool beans!’ In fact it really just means cool, with beans tacked on the end for emphasis. I cannot make up my mind whether I think it’s quite a funny and charming expression or whether it’s really stupid, puerile and annoying. Cool beans! Can’t decide.

Cool beans.

No, I still don’t know.

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One Comment
  1. When I first heard the expression, I thought it meant something along the lines of ‘calm down’ or ‘to prevent a tin of Heinz from starting a brawl’. I was informed of its actual meaning after a housemate who’d used the expression had found some beans I’d placed in the fridge for him. He went on to tell me that there are 57 variations in the way you can say it (dum-dee, dee-dum etc.).

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