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wasps dressed as whores

June 24, 2012

In today’s Indie on Sunday, David Quantick in a piece about Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance wrote: “If were to be revealed that David Mitchell spent all his spare money on wasps dressed as whores, we would rightly be shocked.’

I don’t think I’d be shocked, but I would most certainly be amazed. I didn’t know it was possible to dress wasps as whores, and I’m not sure how it could even be done. Would the wasps wear short skirts, and skimpy tops, and tiny fishnet stockings on all their six legs? Would they have lipstick smeared over their probosces? Of course you’d need a magnifying glass to observe them properly. And it would be very difficult to spend all your money on such creations, surely? How many would each one cost, and how many would David Mitchell require?

OK, obviously Quantick meant whores dressed as wasps, and made an accidental transposition. But how come no editor or sub noticed such a glaring error before it went to print? Then again, maybe they did notice and allowed it to go through, enjoying the unintentional surrealism of the transposed version – as, I must say, I do. 

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One Comment
  1. Well what are whores dressed as wasps? Is this some proverb or idiom I don’t know? Does it just sound odd out of context?

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