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deep, chat, lol

January 10, 2012

I’ve noticed a few new usages from my daughters recently (aged 15 and 12) which I rather like. One is the use of the word deep to indicate mild outrage and disapproval, as in ‘That’s deep!’ when one learns of some unfairness, skullduggery  or disproportionately severe consequence of an action. Another is chat, for empty or meaningless talk: What are you chatting about? means What rubbish are you saying? And extra now means unnecessary or over the top. 

Another amusing development is that way that texting abbreviations have now found their way into speech; thus people actually say OMG, although it’s no shorter, syllable-wise, than Oh my God; and the word lol (always said with the same slightly facetious intonation, as if it’s in quotes) now means That’s really funny.

One interesting thing about lol is how recently, rapidly and irrevocably lol changed from being  lots of love to laugh out loud – the change seemed to occur almost overnight and some older people have been left behind by the change. Illustration: my younger daughter has a friend whose grandmother was terminally ill in hospital. One day the girl received a text from her mum saying Grandma passed away peacefully early this morning. Lol 

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  1. C. Robshaw permalink

    Real talk.

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