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An historic day

December 9, 2011

I just heard Jon Snow on Channel 4 News say that today was an historic day, pronouncing the h in historic. But of course you’d only use an in front of a silent  h (an hour, an honour). It should be either a historic day or an ‘istoric day. I think he  thought this howler somehow made the day sound more historic; but it just made him sound pretentious.

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  1. Peter Howell permalink

    Ah, I think this dates from that film starring John Cleese, Clockwise, in which he keeps on repeating the start of his speech at a meeting for which he’s late: ‘This is an historic day…’. Of course, Cleese’s character is meant in that film to be pompous and ridiculous, a comprehensive school head going to a meeting dominated by representatives of public schools, so it’s completely appropriate.

    • Right, yes I remember this – and now it makes sense, of course, that’s just what he would say. Thanks for this.

  2. just great all here, film, Cleese, grammar and comments, off course @)

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